OBJETS D'ART - Vintage Jewellery Objects

Introduced more than two decades ago, our jewellery objects are at the heart of our history and heritage,

giving life to the aspects of the natural world that continue to inspire our “Beauty of Nature” themed collection. 


Succeeding ‘The Walking Leopard’, The Lion & The Black Panther were presented together as an antagonist duo, in occasion of Baselworld Jewellery Fair 2006.

Notorious symbols of light and shadow, the creatures featured extremely rare details that make them unique, and unrepeatable pieces. Both models were meticulously handcrafted from wax, and later set with more than 2,000 micro-pave diamond while emeralds were used to create piercing eyes. 

Standing fiercely like a mighty king, the lion’s yellow gold and pave-set diamonds body was placed on a rare piece of seraphinite stone, cut into the shape of an altar, in celebration of the regal creature. The legendary ruler known to all as the King Of Beasts, the lion represents the attributes of royalty, ferocity, courage and wisdom. 

In ancient Egyptian culture, its symbolism conveyed wealth, represented by the solar energy of gold. It was believed that the lion was the supreme animal, embodying the power of the sun on earth.

Preannounced antagonist of the light, the black panther embodies the shimmering energy of the moon. Master of disguise, the feline reveals its true identity in the shadows, masquerading as anything it wishes. We captured the nocturnal creature in the moment before attack, staring at the viewer with emerald green eyes. 

The panther, crouches above a prehistoric mammoth fossil excavated in Russia, was the result of one of our most exciting quests for rare stones and materials to emphasize the uniqueness of our objects.


Supreme emblem of elegance and grace, The Swan was presented in 1996.  

With the creation of this sublime jewel, Klaus discovered what would soon turn into the third facet of his vision for the collections: the representation of Nature in Culture.

The opposing cultural symbols of this aquatic bird had long been a fascinating subject of his studies. According to Greek mythology, the creature was both a feminine symbol of the moon, and a masculine image of the sun, linked to the gods Aphrodite and Apollo. Because of this duality, the swan became a totem in alchemy, embodying both feminine and masculine spirit, as “union of the opposite”.

Bewitched by the candid beauty, Klaus decided to create a unique object, depicting the swan’s masculine side by symbolizing the sun. For this reason, he chose the unusually bright yellow colour of sapphires for the masterpiece.

This mesmerizing object, moved on trembling yellow gold legs and invisibly set wings, is a faithful reproduction of the aquatic creature coming out of the water, completely covered in intense yellow sapphires, and carre cut colourless diamond details. 


Presented in 1999, this majestic creature was the second of the invisibly set aquatic bird objects, inspired by the exotic Caribbean Great White Heron. 

During the age of antiquity, they were believed to be lucky charms, especially for people bound to waters. Sailors, in fact, believed that a heron brought fortune and safe passage. Being a sailor himself, Klaus chose to present the heron as a celebration of his life at sea, and as a dedication to the friendships cultivated through those years. 

Herons are known to be strategic hunters, but even though they travel in groups, they always hunt alone. Never going near their prey, they wait for them in ambush and are a great symbol of precision and power.

Measuring 20cm in height, the magnificent bird stands on distinguished, yellow gold legs, with its body completely set in princess cut white diamonds, and a head of pavé set brilliant diamonds.


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